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Sanford Women's Health Center:

Childcare services

Childcare service is offered to active members and patients only. An active member is one who pays a daily, weekly or monthly fee.

Members will be allowed to use childcare as a drop-in service for outside facility use with prior approval.

What hours is childcare available?

Childcare is available Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

What ages do you accept?

All children from birth to 10 years of age are welcome.

How many children do you accept?

Generally childcare will limit itself to a maximum number of 24 children. The maximum number of children may be reduced at any time depending upon the number of infants in attendance in order to maintain a better child to caregiver ratio.Please feel free to call childcare to see if there are any openings during the time you wish to use it.

What are the fees for childcare?

Click here for childcare fees

What if my child isn't feeling well?

If your child has a fever, cough, chest congestion, flu, or diarrhea we will not accept them in the childcare facility. If your child does get sick at childcare you must pick up your child and remove him/her from the childcare center.

Other important information:

Please bring necessary items for your children such as bottles, extra clothing if needed, and diapers. Mark clothing and diaper bags with child's last name. Please do not bring candy, lunches, snacks and toys with the exception of a security item (i.e. blanket). The center will provide juice and a snack. Please inform childcare attendant if you prefer that your child not have these.

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