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Programs and services : Sleep Disorder Center

Sanford Sleep Disorder Center

Committed to improving health through better sleep—one life at time.

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Sleep Center room
Resembling a hotel room, Sanford Sleep Disorder Center rooms provide those undergoing a sleep study with comfortable accommodations.

At the Sanford Sleep Disorder Center, we're working to put an end to the nightmare of sleep disorders. By monitoring and evaluating patients during sleep, physicians can diagnose and treat sleep disorders.

The Sanford Sleep Disorder Center is a specially equipped section of Sanford Health designed exclusively for sleep studies. While patients sleep in quiet, comfortable rooms, technicians at an adjacent monitoring station observe and record, using sophisticated equipment, such things as sleep patterns, heart and respiratory activity and body movements.

Many sleep disorders go unnoticed because the symptoms are common and seemingly harmless. The sleep disorders most frequently recognized and treated in sleep centers are: snoring and sleep apnea, hypersomnolence, narcolepsy, restlessness, sleep/wake problems and childhood sleep disorders.

Physicians from a variety of medical fields—neurology; pulmonary medicine; ear, nose and throat doctors—all work together to provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for patients suffering from sleep disorders.

Patients with sleep disorders may be referred to the Sanford Sleep Disorders lab by their family physician or specialist such as a pulmonologist, neurologist or ear, nose and throat doctor.

Most sleep disorders can be treated effectively once they have been accurately diagnosed. A step-by-step clinical assessment is necessary to determine the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Patients are instructed to check in one hour prior to their bedtime. The sleep study takes approximately seven hours. For most people, sleep studies will not interfere with daytime activities such as work, school or family responsibilities.

Follow-up is a vital component to determine the effectiveness of treatment. After treatment, your physician may order another sleep test to assess if your sleep has improved.

Most insurance companies will cover the cost of sleep lab studies. However, patients are usually advised to call their insurance company to verify payment.

For more information on sleep disorders and the Sanford Sleep Disorder Center, call
(701) 323-8500.

Sleep medicine doctor

Andreas Sarrigiannidis, MD
Sleep Medicine

Sleep Center receives accreditation

The Sanford Sleep Disorder Center was recently reaccredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). Programs accredited by AASM bring awareness to the importance of sleep and are dedicated to the advancement of sleep medicine. This accreditation is also an indicator to patients and referring physicians that a facility is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care.

The Sanford Sleep Disorder Center has been performing sleep tests for more than 20 years to help diagnose sleeping disorders including sleep apnea, narcolepsy and insomnia.

Contact information

Sanford Sleep Disorder Center
300 N. Seventh St.
Bismarck, ND 58501

(701) 323-8500


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