Pediatric procedural sedation

Coming to the clinic and/or hospital for testing can be a very frightening experience, not only for a child but for the parent, as well. Our pediatric team of professionals has created an atmosphere for children to feel comfortable and relaxed, where their tests are completed successfully with the minimum amount of discomfort. This may involve the use of mild sedatives given through an intravenous catheter along with effective distraction tactics.

Our main focus is to keep your children free from pain and fear during the procedure and to enhance their cooperation.

Pediatric procedures that frequently include sedation for are kidney and bladder X-rays as well as CT scans.

A referral from your child's primary care doctor is needed. If you have questions whether your child would benefit from procedural sedation, talk to your doctor. If you would like to learn more about pediatric procedural sedation, please contact the Sanford Clinic at (701) 323-5437, option 5.


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