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  Sanford Downtown Walk-in Clinic
Serving all ages
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  Sanford North Walk-in Clinic
Serving all ages
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  Sanford Children's Walk-in Clinic
Serving children
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  Sanford Health Walk-in Clinic
Serving all ages
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  Sanford Health Walk-in Clinic
Serving all ages
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Doctor results

  Last name   First name   Specialty
  Al Bitar   Dr. Sa'do   Hospitalist
  Anderson   Dr. Patricia   Internal medicine
  Arazi   Dr. Richard   Neurology
  Armstrong   Dr. Lacey   Psychiatry
  Arndorfer   Dr. Richard   Psychology
  Arshad   Dr. Arlsan   Neonatology
  Artham   Dr. Surya   Cardiology
  Ashley   Dr. Lynn   Family medicine
  Badar   Dr. Mubashir   Hospitalist
  Balf   Dr. Dragos   Cardiology
  Balf-Soran   Dr. Gabriela   Psychiatry
  Bautista-Azores   Dr. Richelle   Pediatrics
  Belzer-Curl   Dr. Gretchen   Family medicine
  Berglund   Dr. Douglas   General surgery
  Betting   Dr. Susan   Family medicine
  Blanchard   Dr. Joel   Family medicine
  Block, PA-C   Dr. Lauren   General surgery
  Bock   Dr. Steven   General surgery
  Bossort   Dr. Brad   Family medicine
  Boutilier, AuD   Dr. Amanda   Audiology
  Boyko   Dr. Kimber   General surgery
  Brickner   Dr. Derek   Family medicine
  Bronson   Dr. Davis   Plastic surgery
  Canham   Dr. William   Orthopedic surgery
  Carlson   Dr. Jessica   Family medicine
  Carpenter   Dr. Matthew   Orthopedic surgery
  Christensen   Dr. Steffen   Infertility
  Colby   Dr. Karna   Pathology
  Collins   Dr. John   Psychology
  Connell   Dr. Guy   Emergency medicine
  Coombe   Dr. W. Thomas   Ear, Nose & Throat
  Cristy, FNP-C   Dr. Donna   Obstetrics & Gynecology
  Cusic   Dr. Robert   Family medicine
  Dahl   Dr. Stephanie   Infertility
  daSilva   Dr. Lawrence   Hospitalist
  daSilva   Dr. Christina   Pediatrics
  Dendy   Dr. Khalin   Internal medicine
  Dewing   Dr. Bree   General surgery
  Dibbell   Dr. David   Plastic surgery
  Doppler   Dr. Matthew   Psychology
  Dornacker   Dr. Angela   Family medicine
  Dufan   Dr. Tarek   Radiation oncology
  Eggert   Dr. Douglas   Rehabilitation
  Emery   Dr. Russell   Family medicine
  Evans   Dr. Patrick   Family medicine
  Fairbairn   Dr. Thomas   Emergency medicine
  Faulk   Dr. Kellie   Endocrinology
  Fiechtner   Dr. Marcus   Ear, Nose & Throat
  Field   Dr. David   Family medicine
  Fisher   Dr. Catherine   Pathology
  Fogarty   Dr. Edward   Radiology
  Fullmer, DPM   Dr. Clark   Podiatry
  Fyfe   Dr. Ian   Orthopedic surgery
  Fyfe   Dr. Alistair   General medicine
  Gardner   Dr. Bruce   Radiology
  Gehrig   Dr. Laura   Orthopedic surgery
  Ghering   Dr. Karli   Psychology
  Gray   Dr. Thandiwe   Oncology/hematology
  Green, NP   Dr. Alain   Cardiology
  Grooms   Dr. Paul   Emergency medicine
  Gupta   Dr. Vikesh   Pulmonology
  Haaland   Dr. Robin   Pediatric psychiatry
  Hart, DPM   Dr. Eric   Podiatry
  Hatlestad   Dr. D.J.   Emergency medicine
  Hauff, PA-C   Dr. Hannah   General surgery
  Hayes, DO   Dr. Nicolas   General surgery
  Herrick, PhD   Dr. Christen   Psychology
  Hinrichs   Dr. Mark   Internal medicine
  Hintz   Dr. Kadon   Emergency medicine
  Hofland   Dr. Erica   Obstetrics & Gynecology
  Hoggarth   Dr. Tonia   Family medicine
  Horner   Dr. Justin   Pediatrics
  Horowitz   Dr. Andrew   Urology
  Hoskins   Dr. Nicholas   Anesthesiology
  Howard   Dr. Richard   Cardiology
  Huber   Dr. Cheryl   Psychiatry
  Irmen   Dr. Kenneth   Microbiology
  Iverson   Dr. Christie   Obstetrics & Gynecology
  Iwamoto   Dr. Matthew   Radiology
  Jaramillo   Dr. Diosdado   Anesthesiology
  Jia   Dr. Hongchen   Pathology
  Johnson   Dr. Craig   Pathology
  Johnson   Dr. Larry   Family medicine
  Johnson   Dr. Anthony   Family medicine
  Jones   Dr. Marshall   Anesthesiology
  Keys   Dr. Daniel   Nephrology
  Kiok   Dr. Maximo   Neurology
  Klein   Dr. Dale   Family medicine
  Klemin   Dr. Jill   Family medicine
  Klemin   Dr. Peter   Obstetrics & Gynecology
  Knaup, NNP   Dr. Keeta   Neonatology
  Knudson   Dr. Richelle   Dermatology
  Knudson   Dr. Joshua   General surgery
  Kodjoe   Dr. Gladys   Hospitalist
  Koester   Dr. Kevin   Podiatry
  Koleilat   Dr. Nadim   Urology
  Korte   Dr. Stephen   Cardiology
  Kosiak   Dr. Donald   Family medicine
  Kovacs   Dr. Gregg   Orthopedic surgery
  Kraft   Dr. Diane   Cardiology
  Kruse   Dr. Kenyon   Anesthesiology
  Kumar   Dr. Parag   Pediatrics
  Kwitka   Dr. George   Anesthesiology
  Lambrecht   Dr. Craig   Emergency medicine
  Lange   Dr. Darwin   Family medicine
  Larson   Dr. James   Allergy
  Layawen   Dr. Aselo   Hospitalist
  LeBeau   Dr. Michael   Nephrology
  Lindberg, AG-ACNP   Dr. Jade   Neurosurgery
  Luckenbill   Dr. Michael   Hospitalist
  Luckenbill   Dr. Kristin   Clinical chemist
  Lutzwick, AGNP   Dr. Eric   Cardiology
  Lwu   Dr. Shelly   Neurosurgery
  Martin   Dr. Heather   Family medicine
  Mateo   Dr. Noe   Infectious disease
  Mathison   Dr. David   Family medicine
  McIntee   Dr. Michael   Radiology
  McMacken   Dr. Audrey   Obstetrics & Gynecology
  Meeker   Dr. Chris   Emergency medicine
  Mengesha   Dr. Yeshitila   Gastroenterology
  Meyer   Dr. Jason   Pathology
  Miller   Dr. Stephanie   Neurology
  Miller   Dr. John   Radiology
  Miller   Dr. Brenda   Family medicine
  Miller-Pankratz   Dr. Megan   Obstetrics & Gynecology
  Morgan   Dr. Mena   Hospitalist
  Murphy   Dr. Kevin   Pediatric rehabilitation
  Nash   Dr. Jobin   Anesthesiology
  Nelson   Dr. Jeffrey   Ear, Nose & Throat
  Nelson   Dr. Brook   General surgery
  Ngatia   Dr. Joe   Anesthesiology
  Nordeng   Dr. Rena   Family medicine
  Nordmeyer, NP-C   Dr. Courtney   Family medicine
  O'Regan   Dr. David   Orthopedic surgery
  Ocejo   Dr. Rafael   Pediatrics
  Oksa   Dr. Amy   Pediatrics
  Orser   Dr. Shari   Obstetrics & Gynecology
  Pansegrau   Dr. Timothy   Cardiovascular surgery
  Patel   Dr. Niral   Family medicine
  Pathak   Dr. Prem   Psychiatry
  Pengilly   Dr. David   Family medicine
  Perkerewicz   Dr. Kathleen   Obstetrics & Gynecology
  Peterson   Dr. Gary   Pediatrics
  Peterson   Dr. Lynne   Rheumatology
  Peterson   Dr. Gregory   Physical medicine
  Prescott   Dr. Kristen   Pediatrics
  Quast   Dr. Michael   Pain management
  Rauta   Dr. Olimpia   Family medicine
  Reddy   Dr. Karthik   Cardiology
  Reiman, PA-C   Dr. Jennifer   Emergency medicine
  Reinke   Dr. Dennis   Pathology
  Reinke   Dr. Sara   Pediatrics
  Reisenauer   Dr. Justin   Emergency medicine
  Reno   Dr. Claudette   Psychology
  Renton   Dr. Douglas   Gastroenterology
  Renton   Dr. Stanley   Emergency medicine
  Reynolds   Dr. John   Oncology/hematology
  Ricks   Dr. Marc   Pediatrics
  Rodacker   Dr. Mark   Pathology
  Rundio, DO   Dr. Jeffrey   Emergency medicine
  Russell   Dr. Sean   Cardiovascular surgery
  Sarrigiannidis   Dr. Andreas   Pulmonology
  Schaaf Gallagher, PhD   Dr. Marie   Psychology
  Schatz, FNP   Dr. Carissa   Pulmonology
  Schmidt   Dr. Steven   Emergency medicine
  Schroeder, FNP   Dr. Dara   Family medicine
  Schwinkendorf, NP   Dr. Erin   Wound medicine
  Seamands, DC   Dr. Eric   Chiropractic
  Seibel   Dr. Melissa   Pediatrics
  Serabe   Dr. Baruti   Pediatrics
  Sharma   Dr. Deepti   Long term care
  Shrestha   Dr. Bhaja   Pulmonology
  Shrestha   Dr. Sacheen   Psychiatry
  Shultz Piatz   Dr. Kinsey   Family medicine
  Skager   Dr. Tanya   Family medicine
  Smith   Dr. Stuart   Family medicine
  Smith   Dr. Craig   Anesthesiology
  Smith   Dr. Jeffrey   Dermatology
  Sorenson, DPT   Dr. Becky   Physical therapy
  Stahl   Dr. Nigeria   Emergency medicine
  Stein   Dr. Sherry   Family medicine
  Stensgard   Dr. Kathryn   Internal medicine
  Tan   Dr. Aquilino   Anesthesiology
  Tello   Dr. Ronald   Internal medicine
  Tello   Dr. Anthony   Internal medicine
  Tello-Skjerseth   Dr. Christina   Radiology
  Thomas, Jr.   Dr. Jack   Family medicine
  Thompson   Dr. Eric   Family medicine
  Thorson   Dr. Thomas   Family medicine
  Tincher   Dr. Michelle   Family medicine
  Twogood   Dr. Todd   Pediatrics
  Van Balen   Dr. Clayton   Occupational health
  Van Ningen   Dr. Aaron   Pediatrics
  Van Norman   Dr. Alan   Neurosurgery
  Viney   Dr. Jeanette   General surgery
  Wetsch, NP-C   Dr. Ashley   Family medicine
  Williams   Dr. Alisha   Obstetrics & Gynecology
  Wink   Dr. Sue Karen   Ear, Nose & Throat
  Wolf   Dr. Terry   Family medicine
  Worrell, PA-C   Dr. Leslie   Occupational health
  Wos   Dr. Edward   Oncology/hematology
  Wynkoop   Dr. Walker   Orthopedic surgery
  Y'Chili   Dr. Prashanthi   Family medicine
  Yorgason   Dr. Joshua   Ear, Nose & Throat
  Zimmermann   Dr. Ryan   Family medicine
  Zimny   Dr. Matthew   Emergency medicine

NP/PA/Other results

  Last name   First name   Specialty
  Allan, FNP   Nora   Pain management
  Anderson, FNP   Tamala   Family medicine
  Andes, FNP-C   Rebecca   Infectious disease
  Arndorfer, PA   Brooke   Occupational health
  Arneson-Thilmony, AuD   Debra   Audiology
  Askew, DC   Jeff   Chiropractic
  Auck, PMHNP   Tonya   Psychiatry
  Balvitsch, PMHNP   Jessica   Psychiatry
  Bayer, DNP, FNP   Tosha   General surgery
  Bennett, PA   Rebekah   Family medicine
  Carlson, FNP-BC, APRN   Denise   Cardiology
  Caster, PNP   Amber   Pediatrics
  Champa, PA-C   Whitney   Occupational health
  Ciavarella, PA   Tana   Orthopedic surgery
  Clairmont, FNP   Lisa   Neurology
  Collins, FNP   Susan   Family medicine
  Curtis-Haberlock, PA   Tara   Pulmonology
  Dockter, WHNP–C   Debra   Obstetrics & Gynecology
  Doll, FNP   Sara   Oncology/hematology
  Ebach, FNP   Connie   Hospitalist
  Fischer, FNP   Bridgit   General surgery
  Frank, FNP   Sally   Internal medicine
  Gerving,FNP   Carrie   Family medicine
  Gibson, PA   Al   Orthopedic surgery
  Glass,FNP   Fae   Cardiovascular surgery
  Grossman, AuD   Shelly   Audiology
  Haak, FNP   Cassie   General surgery
  Haider, FNP   Cassandra   Cardiology
  Held, PA   Deb   General surgery
  Hermanson, NP   Pat   Nurse practitioner
  Hertz, FNP   Kristin   Urology
  Huston, FNP   Laurie   Nurse practitioner
  Knudson, PA-C   Wanda   Physician assistant
  Kosiak, PA   Maureen   Occupational health
  Kreiter, FNP   Candace   Family medicine
  Kristensen, PA   Karlee   Family medicine
  Leier, FNP   Jennifer   Family medicine
  Manglitz, PA-C   Brianne   Occupational health
  Mann, AuD   Krystal   Audiology
  Mattheis Anderson, AuD   Amy   Audiology
  McPherson, FNP   Danielle   Rehabilitation
  Meier, N.P.   Dawn   Nurse practitioner
  Mortenson, PA   Denise   Pain management
  Murdoff, FNP   Lisa   Gastroenterology
  Ness, AuD   Brady   Audiology
  Nicholson, PA-C   Jaclyn   Family medicine
  Nottestad, PA   Stephanie   Obstetrics & Gynecology
  Nygaard, FNP   Jessica   Family medicine
  Olson, FNP   Janel   Cardiology
  Preszler, PA   Roger   Occupational health
  Rakowski, FNP   Jana   Family medicine
  Rodriguez, FNP   Carmen   Orthopedic surgery
  Rohr   Karen   Nurse practitioner
  Rud, NP   Billie Jo   Orthopedic surgery
  Schauer, AuD   Douglas   Audiology
  Scheurer, FNP   Elizabeth   Pulmonology
  Schirado, PMH/CNS   Kevin   Psychiatry
  Schmit, FNP   Julie   Family medicine
  Schneider, FNP   Chelsey   Orthopedic surgery
  Small, FNP   Renee   Wound medicine
  Tescher, PA-C   Steele   Family medicine
  Thompson, FNP   Ashley   Family medicine
  Vearrier, PA   Tracy   Occupational health
  Weigum, NP   Cindy   Nephrology
  Wiseman, PA-C   Amber   Orthopedic surgery
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