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Case review

What is a case review?

Case Reviews are meetings in which all team members come together to review and gather case facts, share information, and discuss services and treatment plans for child victims and their families who have been seen at the DCAC within the proceeding month.

When are case reviews held?

Case Reviews are held the third Wednesday of the month at the DCAC, and last from two to three hours depending on the number of cases on the agenda.

Who attends case reviews?

All Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) members who have a case on the agenda are asked to participate in case review. Due to the confidentiality requirement, the reviews are restricted to the MDT and DCAC staff unless otherwise approved by all team members.

What cases are reviewed?

All cases that have been referred to the DCAC for a forensic interview or medical exam during the month proceeding case review will be on the case review agenda. Case review agendas are distributed to MDT members at least fives day prior to the review date. Any team member who wishes to add a case to the Case Review Agenda may do so by contacting DCAC staff.

What issues are discussed at case reviews?

Case review discussions include, but is not limited to: interview outcomes, progress of the investigation, medical issues, child protection and other safety issues, prosecution and sentencing decisions, emotional support and treatment needs of the child and non-offending family members and strategies for meeting those needs, assessing the family’s reactions and response to the child’s disclosure and involvement in the system, review of case dispositions, make provisions for court education and court support, cross-cultural issues relevant to the case, and other information that will increase team members understanding of the complexity of child abuse cases.

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