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Sanford Advanced CT scanner

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Saving minutes can mean saving lives.

Sanford Health introduces the region's most advanced CT scanner. Called Aquilion ONE, the new technology provides incredibly detailed four-dimensional images of complete organs in less time than it takes for your heart to pump one beat. It was the first CT scanner of its kind in the Midwest and in the state.

The Aquilion ONE CT is the world's first dynamic volume CT system; it uses 320 ultra-high resolution detector rows (or slices) to capture up to 16 centimeters of coverage, enough to image the entire brain or heart in one rotation plus show the organ's structure, movement and blood flow.

What does that mean for patients?
  • Less time on the CT table
  • Exposure to less radiation and contrast dye
  • Doctors can see every angle of the organ, along with blood flow and function
  • Significant drop in the time needed to diagnosis and treat problems

Using a conventional CT scanner, such as 64-slice or 128-slice scanner, doctors may need to perform a series of tests to confirm a heart attack or stroke. Test results can take hours or even days. But in 20 minutes, the Aquilion ONE is able to diagnose a heart attack or stroke and can also gauge how badly tissue has been damaged so doctors can determine the proper treatment. The Aquilion ONE not only saves time, but it also helps reduce or eliminate the risks of unnecessary invasive procedures.

Dynamic imaging

A conventional CT scanner has a viewing window of just a couple centimeters. To view the heart, the machine's sensors take a series of images that are built into a single, often distorted image. Think of it like trying to snap a panorama of the Grand Canyon on your camera phone, then stitching the pictures together. The Aquilion ONE can scan an entire organ in one rotation.

Faster is better: conventional CTs vs. Aquilion ONE CT

Conventional CT
Aquilion ONE CT
7—10 rotations
1 rotation
7 rotations
1 rotation

Aquilion ONE's high-speed scanning enables doctors to view crucial information such as blood flow and function in the heart, brain, joints and other parts of the body. These dynamic images are similar to real-time video of the organs, an incredibly helpful diagnosis tool that was previously unavailable. Aquilion ONE's dynamic images can:
  • Show how a widely-spread cancer is responding to a drug, allowing patients to create tailored treatments based on a patient's response
  • Provide a real-time image of a heart beat to identify blockage within the organ
  • Monitor blood flow and oxygen levels in the brain to determine the risk of stroke

Reduced radiation

Diagnosing a heart condition can take hours and even days. Typically, patients undergo a multitude of tests to identify the problem, including EKGs, calcium studies, nuclear tests and catheterizations. Tests of this nature can take days to complete and expose the patient to significant radiation doses. With the Aquilion ONE, one exam gives doctors all the information they need to diagnose and treat the patient, with less exposure to radiation and contrast dye.
Thomson 2009 logo Sanford Health has been named one of the nation's 100 Top Hospitals® for cardiovascular care by Thomson Reuters. Sanford Health was the only health system in central and western North Dakota to receive this award. The annual Thomson Reuters award for cardiovascular services independently measures performance on eight key criteria related to cardiovascular care at the nation's top performing acute–care hospital.

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