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Sanford College of Nursing

Program objectives

Program objectives reflect the operationalization of the mission of the College, the philosophy of the faculty, and the student outcomes of the curriculum.
  • Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for personal professional practice.
  • Accept responsibility for ongoing professional growth and continued learning.
  • Synthesize theoretical and empirical knowledge from the nursing, behavioral, social and natural sciences, and the arts and humanities to provide professional nursing care at an entry level of practice.
  • Utilize the nursing process to diagnose and treat healthy, unhealthy or potentially unhealthy human responses of individuals, families or communities.
  • Manage nursing activities, utilizing leadership skills in the delivery of comprehensive evidence-based client care with respect for humanity and uniqueness of others.
  • Modify the environment to promote and protect client health and to facilitate the healing process throughout the life cycle.
  • Collaborate with the healthcare team as well as individuals, families, and communities to provide client centered care that promotes wellness, accelerate healing and prevent diseases in all stages of life.
  • Model effective, interactive communication.
  • Use information and healthcare technologies to plan and provide client centered care.
  • Evaluate and utilize research findings, theories and clinical practice guidelines in the performance of evidence-based nursing care.
  • Employ critical thinking for decision-making in nursing practices.
  • Advocate for patient rights through incorporation of professional values and legal principles.
  • Participate in the design/redesign of care to enhance safe, quality and cost-effective healthcare.


Student outcomes

Five student outcomes are identified as competencies which the graduate will possess at the completion of the program in nursing. These are clinical competency, professional values, critical thinking, communication, and leadership.

Graduates are confident, life-long learners, prepared to meet the challenges of a dynamic, evolving profession and healthcare delivery system, utilizing a scholarly approach to acquire new knowledge that will influence their nursing practice.


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