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Sanford Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)

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Walk away from leg pain

If you experience leg pain that hurts when you walk or climb stairs, but then stops when you rest, you may have a condition called peripheral arterial disease, or PAD.

PAD is a common circulatory problem that can cause leg pain as well as more serious conditions if not treated. PAD is like having heart disease in your legs—your legs don’t receive enough blood flow to keep up with demand. This causes symptoms that may include pain or a numb feeling in your foot, calf, thigh or buttocks during physical activities.

Risk factors for PAD are the same as those for heart disease—high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, not exercising and poor diet. For some patients, lifestyle changes—such as quitting smoking and losing weight—can keep PAD under control. In more serious cases, clinic procedures or surgery may be necessary.

Sanford Health’s cardiovascular surgery team—led by Drs. Timothy Pansegrau and Sean Russell and nurse practitioner Fae Glass—offers a comprehensive PAD program, including diagnostic tests, clinic procedures and surgeries to help patients with PAD get back on their feet. To diagnose PAD, Sanford Health uses innovative technology that is quick and painless and can be completed during a clinic visit.

If you think you may have PAD, click here to take a quiz about symptoms you may be experiencing.

To learn more about PAD, call Sanford Health’s cardiovascular surgery team at (701) 323-5202 or (800) 932-8758, ext. 5202.

Thomson 2009 logo Sanford Health has been named one of the nation's 100 Top Hospitals® for cardiovascular care by Thomson Reuters. Sanford Health was the only health system in central and western North Dakota to receive this award. The annual Thomson Reuters award for cardiovascular services independently measures performance on eight key criteria related to cardiovascular care at the nation's top performing acute–care hospital.


Timothy Pansegrau, MD
Cardiovascular surgery
Sean Russell, MD
Cardiovascular surgery

Nurse practitioner

Fae Glass, FNP
Cardiovascular surgery


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