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About GABR

Sanford Health and the Pediatric Rehabilitation team provide services that enable persons with cerebral palsy and other disabilities to live independently and participate fully in their community.

CP is a physical disability caused by damage to the brain usually occurring before, during or shortly after birth and is characterized by a lack of muscle control. GABR-generated dollars are dedicated to purchasing equipment such as wheelchairs, communication devices and adaptive tricycles for CP patients.

The event

The 2015 Sanford Great American Bike Race will be on Saturday, April 11, at Century High School, 1000 E. Century Ave. in Bismarck, N.D.

Teams of 12 cyclists competed against each other riding for 20-minute intervals with a 10-minute break to change riders. The name of the game is fun, so you don't have to be Tour de France caliber to enter. Plenty of contestants will need to take frequent breaks during their 20 minutes of cycling.

  • Every entrant received a GABR T-shirt and entered into a drawing for additional prizes.
  • The team that bikes the most miles and the team that raises the most money will receive special prizes.
  • The cyclist who bikes the most miles and the cyclist who raises the most money will each receive a special prize.
  • Lunch was sold at the race. Proceeds from lunch sales went to GABR.
  • Celebrity cyclists will join us throughout the day.

The cause

A family who has a child with even a mild form of cerebral palsy has many expenses above and beyond what their insurance will cover.